Neat FM is a collection of independent podcasts managed by Jessie Char (LLC). There are currently two shows available for sponsorship. All of them are wonderful:

Accidental Tech Podcast
Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa
Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely-related matters.
weekly • 75,000 listeners • $5500

The Talk Show
John Gruber
The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.
3x monthly • 75,000 listeners • $5000


Each show has spots for multiple sponsorships per episode, and spots are priced according to the listenership of the podcast. Each sponsorship comes with a 1-2 minute live read from the hosts, and may be read from a script or ad-libbed from bulletpoints. The sponsoring company will also be linked to on on the show’s respective website as it corresponds to the episode. While hosts may be enthusiastic about a product and insert their own personal anecdotes into a read, we are never able to promise personal endorsements in an ad read (so please don’t put them in your scripts).


Episodes available for sponsorship are released on a quarterly basis about one month before each quarter begins, and spots tend to fill up quickly, so if you want your pick make sure to secure them in time.


If you have any questions about sponsoring through Neat FM, or you’re interested in your podcast becoming a part of Neat FM, please don’t hesitate to reach out.